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Product update

March 1 - Hotfix Friday

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Shared by Fleur • March 01, 2024

Today we did some small fixes to straighten out a couple of things after the big update from yesterday.


1. In some cases, the Studio would only show the transition tab, even when switched to another tab.

2. Sometimes tracks were beat-sliced while that was not necessary.

3. If you had a repitched song, and you played it, the first few beats of a transition were played in the original key.


4. Beatsource was usable outside of BETA access through the new onboarding. You could choose to create a Beatsource project and it didn't give the Closed Beta notification.


5. For Beatport there was an issue where some users would see a random playlist when selecting one of their own playlists from the left-side menu.
6. If you had more than 20 playlists and clicked on the twentieth or higher, it would incorrectly show that there are no tracks available.

Import tracks

7. Files without Metadata would give an error when importing


8. Old samples without a beat would cause the export to fail


9. In the Settings, we changed the Buffer option to just Medium and High. The low setting would cause issues and did not have any noticeable advantages compared to the medium setting

Product update

Feb 29 version 2.6.29: Performance updates and stopped support MacOS High Sierra and Mojave

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Shared by Fleur • February 29, 2024

1. Performance updates

The DJ.Studio team has been working on this larger update with multiple performance improvements that influence the playing of the audio.

You should not have the following symptoms anymore:

  • Lagging in playback of the audio before, during or at the end of a transition
  • Small crackling sounds

These changes also resulted in an improved export speed and less CPU and memory usage. The performance improvements are in the range of 10%-50% based on your pc setup.

2. Important Notice for macOS High Sierra & Mojave Users

In this update, we've integrated a new version of Electron to significantly enhance DJ.Studio's performance. This has impact for the compatibility of DJ.Studio with macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave (10.14).

  • Affected Versions: macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave (10.14).
  • Impact: These macOS versions are no longer supported due to the upgrade.
    Installing DJ.Studio version 2.6.29 will crash.

For High Sierra and Mojave Users:

  • Manual Download: Please download the latest compatible version of DJ.Studio from our downloads page.
  • Auto-Updates: That version will not auto-update anymore to ensure continued functionality on your macOS version.
  • Receive new updates: If you want to receive new updates, you need to upgrade your OS to Big Sur or higher.

We understand the impact of this change for some of our users. This decision was not made lightly. We have tried our best to hold off this electron upgrade since our first release. We now really needed the improvements included in the current Electron version. The version that we were using was deprecated on Oct 10th, 2023.

We value your continued support and understanding. Should you have any concerns or require assistance, please contact us at

Smaller changes and fixes


1. [New] Samples are available for YouTube and Beatport project. You can import your own samples or copy part of a track to your sample lane.

Note: Save as global samples has been disabled for streaming projects due to copyright restrictions.


2. [New] Last week we secretly introduced the option Fuzzy mixing in the Automixer. With this release, we also added a guide to Mood vs Fuzzy Mixing to the Automix modal, so you can pick the setting that is just right for your mix


3. [Improved] Visual improvements to the community and profile page:

  • Increased font size
  • Cover image visible on Creator page
  • Show the cover image of the Profile section in the settings screen
  • Start playback when you click on a track


4. [Improved] The Settings screen has been slightly rearranged since the last overhaul, to make it more intuitive and give users a better overview of all the options.


5. [Improved] Export DJ SET: We give a warning if there is not enough disk space left on your machine.

6. [New] When you export to a TXT file you have the option to include the key.

This is only supported when the track has a key in its file info.

7. [Improved] Uploading a mix to Mixcloud would fail if the length of the description was too long. The maximum amount of characters is now 750.

Small performance changes

8. [New] We now show the utilization, this will be red if it's too high and you need to close other apps on your machine, so DJS can perform better.

9. [New] The 60-track limit setting is back. Disabling this limit is not recommended, only do this if your device has at least 16GB of RAM available and you need to add more than 60 tracks to your mix.
When you add more than 60 tracks to your mix, you willl see this modal:


10. [New] Create a Beatport mix with 1001tracklist. If you go to 1001tracklist and click Mix with DJ.Studio, the flow also allows you to choose a Beatport project.

11. [Fixed] Some Apple music tracks could not be imported because of DRM protection

12. [Improved] DJS Beatport library 'Date' has been renamed to 'Released'

13. [Fixed] In offline mode, searching for tracks in your integrations would give an error.

14. [Fixed] In the library, the sorting for Mixed in Key on NRG would not sort correctly

Adding tracks

15. [Fixed] When adding tracks, the import modal would always show just the first few tracks and not scroll down to the latest added tracks

Product update

Feb 22: Beatsource integration closed Beta

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Shared by Fleur • February 22, 2024

You can now make DJ mixes with Beatsource streaming music!

This integration is available in closed Beta.

Click on Beatsource in the left menu on Home to contact support and request access to the closed Beta.

Product update

Hotfix 2.6.27 - Feb 21: Small fixes

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Shared by Fleur • February 21, 2024


1. [Fixed] Transitions would sometimes disappear on smaller screens. After adjusting the length of the transition window the beats dropdown would become empty and the transition would disappear from the timeline.

Users who had this issue will need to adjust the disappeared transitions manually.

You can select a length from the dropdown (marked in green) and if needed, further adjust the transition by dragging the transition window (marked in orange).


2. [Fixed] An issue where EngineDJ tracks would not appear when stored on a Dropbox location.
3. [Fixed] When using Apple Music on OSX, the cover art would sometimes be missing.


4. [Fixed] Ableton export would fail if you had global samples with a length of 0 seconds.

Add tracks

5. [Improved] The maximum of 60 tracks per mix has been removed. We had this as a setting that you could disable, but with the performance improvements from the last weeks and the upcoming improvements, the limit is no longer necessary.

Product update

Hotfix 2.6.26 - Feb 20: Small studio fixes

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Shared by Fleur • February 20, 2024


1. [Fixed] Samples kept moving after clicking/selecting them
2. [Fixed] Samples shorter than 0.5 seconds could not be added to the mix, as we could not generate a beat grid for them. This has been fixed.


3. [Fixed] The split function would not add the marker in the correct place if you had tracks in your mix that started outside of the transition window
4. [Fixed] Selecting a part of a track within a transition window would not work


5. [Fixed] In the library, when a track has multiple artists separated by a comma, they would not be clickable.

Product update

Release 2.6.25 - Feb 15: Update progress bar + small fixes

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Shared by Fleur • February 15, 2024

Updating app

1. [New] When you update the app after this version, you will see a progress bar showing you the percentage and MB’s done and still to go.

This will be especially useful for bigger updates and with slower internet connections.


2. [Fixed] We fixed the issue that the solver would not add tracks from integrations.


3. [Fixed] Rekordbox phrases are visible again


4. [Improved] When setting automations there will be fewer jumps to certain values/less snapping. Ctrl+ click will disable snapping entirely.

Product update

Release 2.6.24 - Feb 13: New Video options and Samples no longer in Beta

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Shared by Fleur • February 13, 2024

1. New Video options

Did you know that you can add cool visualizations to your DJ mix?

Today we released a new version of the Video Creator which allows you to add even more cool visualizations to your mix, at every location in the mix, for example at a cool drop!

Until now, you could configure video settings per track: so for a whole track, you could set the desired animation, shadertoy visual, or album art. With the new video lane, you can use all these settings… on every spot in your mix.

Select the Video tab in the Studio to see the Video lane.

In Blue, you see the default video transition blocks, and in Olive the new custom video blocks You have to add these yourself).

The video blocks define the start of the transition to a new type of visual. In the screenshot above at 14:30 you don’t see any block shown in the video lane, meaning that the video will still show what is defined in the first blue video block.

Blue video transitions block

  • For each transition you get by default a Blue Video animation which is connected to one of the 2 tracks.
  • You can move the blue video block to the middle or end of the transition to choose the moment when you want the transition to start. You cannot move it outside of the transition.
  • Apply settings to all tracks button will copy all your settings in the Video tab to the blue video blocks

Yellow Custom video blocks

  • Double-click or right-click in the video lane if you want to add a new video block.
  • You can move these blocks around
  • You can use all the same settings as you have for blue video transition blocks
  • Delete a block by right-clicking on the block

2. Samples official feature

Over the past weeks, we have worked out the final issues in the samples feature. We are confident in this feature and it’s added value when creating mixes. Therefore we have decided to move it from the Beta stage to an official DJ.Studio pro feature.

What this means for lite accounts:

  • Sample lanes are visible but if you want to use them, you have to upgrade.
  • If you have a lite account and have mixes with samples, you can still export and edit this mix with your existing samples. But you cannot make any edits or add more samples
  • With a lite account, it is possible to import another mix with samples, edit this mix, and export, but you cannot add any more samples

Samples are also available during the trial period when you have a new account.
You can find all the information about Samples here.

Small fixes


3. [Fixed] Mixed in Key analysis fix in Beatport


4. [Improved] Samples round to 2 decimals


5. [Fixed] Before the weekend we changed the app's performance to be more GPU-reliant. However this didn’t work for all devices, some experienced a slower working DJS app due to this change. We reverted the change for now and are looking for a better-fitting solution.


6. [Improved] Serato: added support for importing hot cues from Serato for WAV and FLAC files.

7. [Fixed] Traktor Pro: fixed an issue where sometimes the library would not show up in DJ.Studio.

Product update

Hotfix 2.6.23 - Feb 12: Performance issues over the weekend.

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Shared by Fleur • February 12, 2024

Over the weekend multiple users reported experiencing slowness in DJ.Studio and the app freezing. These issues should be fixed with this update.

Product update

Release 2.6.22 - Feb 9: Beatport Streaming Open Beta

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Shared by Fleur • February 09, 2024

Beatport Streaming integration is in open beta

The Beatport streaming integration is now in open beta available for everyone.

Connect your Beatport Advanced or Professional plan to DJ.Studio and try how the tracks sound in your mix. After you finished the mix, you can “legalize” the mix by buying the tracks. DJ.Studio will turn your Beatport Streaming mix into a Local file project that you can export as MP3, WAV, video or Ableton. You can read all about it in this article.

If you don’t have a Beatport Streaming account, you can try out this great feature via an extended Free trial from within DJ.Studio.
DJ.Studio users get a 60-day free trial instead of the regular 30-day trial.

We thank all of the members of the Closed beta for their participation. With your help, we were able to make the integration much better and more stable.

Next on the roadmap is the Beatsource integration.

General fixes

  1. [improved] Playback Audio: Playing Wav files in the Studio should be more smooth and less memory intensive.
  2. [fixed] Mixed in key analysis: Sometimes the energy segments didn’t become visible in the Studio.
  3. [fixed] Samples: In the preview on Samples in the Sample library you couldn’t listen to the sound.
  4. [new] Settings: When you open the Settings screen the music will now stop playing
  5. [improved] Settings: We removed the CPU/GPU toggle because the settings has become redundant. With the new method of how audio is handled in the Studio, there is no difference between CPU and GPU anymore.


  1. [improved] Renamed Offline Locker to Offline Library.
  2. [new] Added support article with a full explanation of the integration.
  3. [improved] Legalize mix: When legalizing your mix, we check which tracks you have already purchased before at Beatport. We now also check if you have tracks in your mix that you already have in your DJ.Studio local files library.
Product update

Release 2.6.21 - Feb 8: Improved chunking, beat marker fix, and new settings layout

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Shared by Fleur • February 08, 2024


1. [Improved] We changed the way how the Studio handles audio files for MP3, WAV, Beatport and YouTube. The audio buffering works in a different way and this improves the performance of the studio and makes playing tracks much smoother.
It also fixes the rare instances where users suddenly had no sound.


2. [Fixed] The First beat marker detection was not always correct. It would mark the loudest beat as the first beat. If you have tracks where the first beat marker is not placed correctly, go to the tracks tab in the studio and click reset.

Note: this will also reset all other track edits you made to the track

3. [Improved] Downbeat is now visible as a red beatmarker. Before this update it was yellow, making it harder to match downbeats and upbeats.


4. [New] Settings screen has been improved to be more intuitive and organized. It contains everything it did before, but just a little better ;)


5. [Fixed] Export > DJ set: Txt export showed weird characters when there was no file number or when the key was missing.